shaping a generation of accepting, compassionate & well-balanced individuals

our approach to yoga is rooted in the belief that all of us have a beautiful center, where resiliency, compassion, healing and peace can be found.

konjo is an Amharic word (Ethiopia’s primary language) that translates to “beautiful” and is often used when describing inner beauty—not just outward appearances.

youth focused

Our yoga events and services support kiddos (ages 3-17) and their families.

We’re yoga educators equipped with curriculum that teaches to CORE standards.

Our classes are tailored to developmental stages (mind & body) of the age group we’re serving.

trauma informed

We take a trauma informed approach to ensure all our services are accessible, helpful, and compassionate.

With each class, we help students connect with body, mind, and spirit in healthy ways.

These resources are theirs, for years to come, to help when life gets hard.

miss melissa

Once upon a time, Melissa metzer (Kohne) realized how helpful and healing yoga could be and wished she had learned its tools at a younger age. That’s when she decided to found Konjo and pass along those tools to the next generation. Melissa is certified as a yoga educator through Yoga Ed. to teach children and teens (ages 3-17), and certified through Collective Resilience to lead trauma informed yoga classes.


He’s the original konjo mascot. More than that, Oscar’s an orange cat who shows up in a lot of our photos and virtual classes. Born in 2013, he’s somewhere between a teen and a middle-age in cat years. He loves wandering outside, chittering at birds, and sunning himself on a blanket near the window. He prefers catnip bonuses to all others.


She joined the family in December 2019 and was promptly given the title of konjo mascot. Olivia is playful, curious, and has both squirrel-like and dog-like qualities to her personality. She often joins in our virtual classes and is always nearby to oversee office work. She likes cat treats as bonuses best, preferably thrown so she can chase them down.

let's #gokonjo