public or private, in-person or virtual, konjo classes always provide:

  • tailored, age specific, lesson plans
  • a trauma informed approach to make class safe, enjoyable, and approachable for all students
  • participation waivers, photo release forms & insurance coverage
  • any supplies needed
  • a #gokonjo attitude 

konjo for schools

we’re yoga educators with curriculum that teaches to core standards. we’ll work with you to meet organizational or grant requirements. let us tailor a program that serves your youth best.

together we’ll decide:

  • what time of day to hold classes (ex: before, during or after school)
  • what ages/grade levels should be grouped together
  • where to hold the classes
  • additional activities you’d like to pair with yoga (ex: journaling, craft project, books)
  • student outcomes you’d like to track (mental, emotional, physical, or academic)

konjo for families

yoga can help bring families together. it encourages playful exploration and mindfulness. would you like to bring yoga to your household? how about:

  • hosting a yoga birthday party
  • bringing yoga to a family event
  • scheduling an ongoing class and invite the cousins, neighbors, grandparents, etc.

let us help you create something truly special! events can be hosted in-person (duluth, mn region) or virtually.

konjo partners

we’ve had the immense honor of partnering with the following organizations to teach and host yoga classes:

interested in partnering with us?