today’s theme: breath as a resource.

Welcome, Girl Scouts, to this first week of "BE KIND. BE MINDFUL. BE OK." This program is made especially with you in mind.

Today, we're going to talk about using our own breath to invite healing into our own body, mind, and spirit. Have you ever been agitated, nervous, or maybe, to put it plainly, "freaking out!?!" In that moment, has anyone ever said, "why don't you just take a big breath"? Or maybe, "take a breath and chill"? And my favorite (sarcasm font noted here!), "just breathe!"

Although those suggestions, questions, etc. can be agitating and may not seem helpful, they actually are based in some pretty cool science. Here's a video from my living room to yours, that first explains this program a little bit. Then, we get into the science and talk about what happens in our bodies when we are stressed and when we are calm.

Now, I'm not a scientist myself. I am not a doctor. Any mistakes I made in the scientific explanation are my own and not a fault of my teachers! I took detailed notes and looked back at the manual to try to do the topic justice. There's LOTS more we could talk about with what was included in the video above.

Yet, let's just focus on breath as a resource.

It helps calm our nervous systems. It helps slow down our heart rate. It invites healing into our lives - literally throughout our bodies, but also throughout our minds and our emotions.

This week, I encourage you to notice your breath. See if you can access it and have it serve as an anchor back to you. Please note, not everyone feels connected to their breath. There are many other resources at our finger tips, and if this doesn't resonate with you, don't panic. Sometimes it takes practice. And sometimes, it takes finding another resource that works better for you.

With that, here's two breathing techniques you can try!

How did they work out for you? I'd love to hear! Please feel free to send me any questions, feedback, or requests to girlscouts@gokonjo.com. I promise to reach each and every one. Anything you send will be shared with my Girl Scouts Lakes and Pines partner, Hannah, so we can better serve you.

Have a wonderful week, dear ones.

with gratitude,

miss melissa